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Schlage "Link" Wireless Remote Entry Door Lock

Schlage "Link" Wireless Remote Entry Door Lock

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With Schlage LiNK, it's easy to take control. Simply log onto the user-friendly interface on your computer or web-enabled phone. With just a few clicks you can turn on and off Z-Wave-enabled lights, lock and unlock doors, see who's accessed the lock and much more. This amazing innovation will even text you when the kids have entered the house.

Simply put, Schlage LiNK is the answer to every busy family’s needs. The longer version of the story is that it’s a secure, web-based system that allows you to monitor and control your Z-Wave-enabled door locks, lights, Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat, and even your Schlage camera from your Schlage LiNK web and mobile interface. With Schlage LiNK, you get advanced Z-Wave® technology and time-tested Schlage construction working in unison to put you in control ­ from anywhere you travel. From the web and mobile application, you can check the status of your lock, grant entry to your home from afar, and turn your lights off and on. That's only the beginning!

Schlage LiNK is freedom, control, and security in perfect harmony. With this system, you can:

  • Easily add additional Schlage wireless door locks, various Z-Wave-enabled thermostats and lighting, and Schlage cameras to your system for enhanced control and convenience.
  • Start with a single Schlage wireless door lock, and add more components over time to suit your lifestyle.
  • Receive text or email notifications when family members access the lock.
  • Monitor your home from anywhere through your web-enabled computer or cell phone.
  • Conserve energy and save money when you’re away from home by controlling your Z-Wave-enabled lights and thermostat.
  • See what’s happening in and around your house, even when you’re not there, with Schlage cameras.
  • Change, add and delete user codes swiftly and securely from the Schlage LiNK online interface.
  • Take advantage of various Z-Wave-enabled devices to customize the solution to your needs.
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