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  • The finest names in windows.
  • Redwood from sustainable forests.
  • Famous names in patio doors.
  • Unique interior doors.
  • Name brand entry doors.
  • Window and door showrooms.
  • Lumber & home improvement.
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  • How-to programs.
  • Special seminars for professionals.
  • Barbecues for the trade.
  • Everything to build, remodel and restore.

Green Homes Sell for 9 Percent More

According to the Washington Post, July 19, 2012, ". . . a green certification label on a house adds an average of 9 percent to its selling value. It also appears that there is a correlation between green homes and hybrid-auto registrations."

This information is a result of a sampling of 1.6 million homes sold in California between 2007 and 2012. Of the 1.6 million homes sold in the study, 4,321 had Energy Star, LEED or GreenPoint Rated labels.

Having a green certified home adds 9% to its appraised sales value in California, finds a new study.

Researchers conducted a pricing analysis of all 1.6 million single-family home sales in California, controlling for all other variables that typically influence selling price, such as location, size, age and amenities.

They documented that homes labeled with Energy Star, LEED or Greenpoint Rated (California’s label) sell for a premium of 9% compared to average similar homes.

The average sales price of a non-certified California home is $400,000. Green certification raises the price by more than $34,800.