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  • The finest names in windows.
  • Redwood from sustainable forests.
  • Famous names in patio doors.
  • Unique interior doors.
  • Name brand entry doors.
  • Window and door showrooms.
  • Lumber & home improvement.
  • Shop on-line.
  • How-to programs.
  • Special seminars for professionals.
  • Barbecues for the trade.
  • Everything to build, remodel and restore.

This Picture Window Opens

There has never been a picture window that opens. Not until this integral venting design by Marvin® Windows & Doors. This is a unique combination providing the beauty of a picture window and the opportunity for cross ventilation. No more stuffy, claustrophobic, fixed picture windows where you don't want them. (Video included.)

An award-winning industry first, no wonder Window & Door Magazine awarded this the Most Innovative Window in the large manufacturer class.  There is such a wide range of sizes available and this provides for extensive design possibilities.



The patent-pending hardware system includes ergonomically designed handles that operate the hinge arms with ease, pushing the window out slightly. A hidden screen lets fresh air in and keeps irritating bugs and flies out. The security benefit is obvious. Marvin designed this window so the profile is almost identical to their other clad Casemaster® products providing consistency if you already have the beauty of Marvin. If you are planning to enjoy windows & doors that are "built around you," consider the venting picture window.

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