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  • The finest names in windows.
  • Redwood from sustainable forests.
  • Famous names in patio doors.
  • Unique interior doors.
  • Name brand entry doors.
  • Window and door showrooms.
  • Lumber & home improvement.
  • Shop on-line.
  • How-to programs.
  • Special seminars for professionals.
  • Barbecues for the trade.
  • Everything to build, remodel and restore.

Imagine Interior Doors Like No Others. TruStile Makes it Possible!

You too can have custom interior doors that match your style. Design your own or let Dolan's and TruStile help you. It's the new age of personal home customization.

Reviving the Tradition of Architecturally Correct Doors

There was a time when doors were appreciated for their architectural value, gracing the openings of homes and embodying the principles of their design periods. Dolan’s and TruStile, miss those days. Committed to partnering with architects, home builders and homeowners, we’re reviving the rich tradition of building high-quality, architecturally-correct doors with a range of customization options to fit your preferences and the unique character of each home.

 Green Building

When it comes to Green building, doors are an essential project detail. We feature TruStile, because their doors are built with environmentally-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing practices. Whether you choose their high-quality MDF doors for painted applications or the richness of natural wood, TruStile has 3rd-party certified Green doors that fit specific needs and qualify for Green building program credits.

Design Flexibility

TruStile boasts over 400 made-to-order door styles in any size, 19 wood species, MDF, 66 panel and sticking profiles and 64 material insert options. And, they will custom build virtually any design your imagination can conjure.


 The Architecturally Correct Door

TruStile doors are made with authentic stile and rail construction. They do not route or stamp doors. Each TruStile door is made-to-order with perfectly proportioned components, created individually to ensure that every door is architecturally correct, regardless of size.


The Well-Designed Home

Dedicated to the highest level of design and quality, TruStile® doors blend the latest technology with hand craftsmanship. Consider the important, and often overlooked role doors play as a critical element in home design: Consider that doors unify the architectural integrity of the home. Other popular design features often influence just one room like granite countertops, appliances and plumbing fixtures. Doors however, are touched dozens of times each day. Quality doors with a substantial feel signal that the entire home is high quality. There is a practical side to high quality doors as well. In addition to aesthetic value, high they provide noise reduction and privacy.