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People Who Live In Glass Houses

. . . are likely to have Fleetwood custom luxury windows and doors. This amazing "green" line is created and manufactured in the United States by American workers. Each beautiful product has the appearance and durability of steel but is 100% recycled aluminum and recycled glass.



The manufacturing process goes beyond the use of recycled material. 100% of the scrap resulting from the manufacturing process is recycled. Why aluminum? It is thermally stable and won't swell or shrink when the temperature or humidity goes up or down.

Fleetwood is low maintenance and energy-efficient, but that's not all. This line affords home design like no other.

  • Sliding and curved patio doors
  • Huge window walls with multi-slide panels
  • Hidden threshholds
  • Automated pocket doors
  • And much more.

The window possibilities, both fixed and operable are endless. If you live within five miles of salt water, special protection is available for painted aluminum surfaces including custom colors. All glass is recycled and provides unparalleled noise control with sound abatement glazing.

Special security advantages are incorporated in the glass which is manufactured to withstand severe impact. Add the beauty of Fleetwood and no wonder it is praised by architects and contractors as a must for today's contemporary homes and offices and a beautiful transformation for many remodels. We're proud to feature Fleetwood. See more Fleetwood photos in the Windows and Patio Door categories of our extensive product section.